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Job Description

  • Compensation Offer: 40,000+
  • Schooling: Unattached male
  • Opening: Products
  • Address: South Wing UBL Administrative Centre, Karachi
  • Job Type: Undercover Positions
  • Territory: Pakistan
  • Last date: 01 October 2022

United Bank Limited Jobs in UBL Administrative Centre

Jobs Positions

  • Branch Boss
  • Branch Board Authorities
  • A Representative of the client organization

How to Apply?

Probably the most famous bank in Pakistan is The Gathered Bank Bound or UBL. Various posts of Branch Bosses are welcomed by UBL.

There are more than 30 open situations in Pakistan. Both Young Fellows and Young Women can apply for UBL posts. Both new and seasoned kids on the block were amply invited.

For this UBL Master 2022, Junior, Master, and promising young fellows or women with four-year support are allowed to apply online. Job seekers from anywhere in Pakistan are allowed to participate in this cycle.

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